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Shipping & Delivery – Your Ordered Art Travels to You Fast & Safely

Your ordered artworks are so important for us. We want to make sure that everything goes right from the day you decide to purchase from us, to the day you receive them, and even afterwards.

Here at HandmadePiece, we endeavor to make the shipping SAFE, and the delivery FAST.

Safety – Packaging with extra care

    1. Unframed flat artworks will be covered with a thin film on the surface before being rolled carefully into a cylinder carton especially made for art transportation purpose
    2. Framed artworks or frames will always be locked in a position in a wooden structure
    3. Fastest Delivery

      All artworks coming from HandmadePiece will be delivered by the best express companies like EMS and DHL, all with tracking code.

      So how long is it from the order day to the day your order arrives.

Product Type

Art Made-to-Order

Art In Stock


Processing Time

Usually 20 days

1-3 days

1-2 days

Delivery Time

3-10 days

3-10 days

3-10 days


About 30 days

Within 15 days

Less than 2 weeks

If you order art with a frame, we can do them simultaneously. So just consider the time needed for art.

How much is my shipping cost?

Zero. To save your hassles, all artworks from HandmadePiece are delivered FREE. So you don’t need to worry about the shipping cost.

Is my package insured?

Sure. Contact us if you are sure you package is lost or damaged upon arrival. We usually give you a full refund or a prompt replacement for your purchased artworks. The choice is yours.


  • Q: Yes, we ship worldwide! We’ve been shipping internationally for years.

  • A: All artworks coming from HandmadePiece will be delivered by the best express companies, such as EMS and DHL, all with tracking code. We assure you that your order will arrive as soon as possible since the day you ordered, in a safe, secure and risk-free way. The choosing of shipping method is very complex, depending on your shipping address, sometimes on the size of the packaging, and sometimes on the weight. We will choose the best suitable shipping method for you. But no worry about the shipping fee. On HandmadePiece, we offer FREE global shipping.

    • A: We try to meet the needs of our customers. We understand that certain orders need to be delivered quickly, such as orders for events or as gifts. Just let us know and we will try to make it quick for you.

    • A: Yes. Artworks are relatively expensive goods. For each order, we offer tracking information right after it’s shipped out.

    • A: Yes. In case the package is lost or damaged, we will compensate for you. It’s up to you to get a refund or a replacement.

    • A: Sure. We by default take high-resolution photos and let the customers see beforehand. We only start to ship your order upon your approval. So no risk with ordering handmade art with us.

    • A: Our shipping fee is for free, but it doesn’t include customs duties and taxes. According to our experience, 95% of of our packages have no customs duties or taxes. You might be required to pay customs duties and taxes to claim your package, depending on your local customs office. HandmadePiece has no control over this. We encourage you to contact customs bureau for more specific information. If you need any help from providing files or invoices to customs office, please feel free to contact our Customer Service.



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