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Shopartdirect Piece isn’t associated with exchanging. We are specialists ourselves. Practically the entirety of our specialists have more than 20 years’ involvement with making oil artworks. A portion of our top craftsmen have been in this line for more than 30 years!

Save 200% – 300% and more on art.

With over 500 frame styles, you sure will find one frame that fits your ordered painting.

Shopartdirect can deal with additional enormous size oil canvases with outline (width in multiple meters) and orchestrate worldwide shipment to your delivery address.

Whatever painting, whatever size or style, whatever your desired frame, whether you see it on our site or not, tell us your needs and we will always meet with them.

Shopartdirect Piece is most likely the main internet based exhibition who loves to offer you computerized photographs of the completed workmanship for your endorsement before shipment. Also, we ensure 60-day cash back upon receipt as long as you are not fulfilled. No exhibition would do this without remarkable quality.

How do I become a registered member of Shopartdirect?

Click on the ‘Register’ link on the top right-hand side of every page on Shopartdirect?. This will open a window where you need to: fill in your basic details, choose a password for your account, and click on the ‘Sign Up’ button to complete your registration!
What are the benefits to registering with Shopartdirect?

On registering with Shopartdirect?, you will get flat 20% off on your first order (max discount of Rs.5,000). Upon registration, you will receive a coupon code which will allow you to avail the above-mentioned benefit. The coupon code will expire in 3 days from the date of registration.

Other benefits of registering on Shopartdirect? include:

As a registered member of Shopartdirect?, you do not need to enter your details like address every time you order. It is saved in My Account.
You can track all your orders by logging in to My Account with user email id and password.
Please Note: For other Promotions, offer end date will be mentioned on the website.
You can save items you are interested using the My Wish list feature; for easy purchase in the future If you choose to, you can get regular updates on new arrivals.

Shopartdirect? Credits Terms & Conditions:

Shopartdirect? Credits have a validity of 3 days only, from the date of credit. Unused credits cannot be used after expiry date
You should be logged in to Shopartdirect?.com in order to use these Shopartdirect? Credits
Shopartdirect? Credits can be clubbed with other offers / Coupons
Shopartdirect? credits can be used to pay 20% of the shopping cart value

What are terms and conditions for the usage of a coupon?

You should be logged in to Shopartdirect?.com in order to use these coupons as they are mapped to your User ID.
Shopartdirect? reserves the right to decide whether or not a customer is eligible to use a coupon.
Shopartdirect? reserves the right to decide the number of time times a customer is eligible to use a coupon.
Shopartdirect reserves the right to decide the start and the end date of a coupon.
Coupons are not applicable on Hot Priced products and Gift Cards
Shopartdirect reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of a coupon.
Shopartdirect reserves the right to cancel any order where it suspects misuse of coupons by using duplicate emails, mobile numbers or addresses. The decision of Shopartdirect Private Limited. Ltd. will be final and binding in this respect.
Any B2B orders using the coupons will be canceled. These intended users of these coupons are individual consumers. The decision of Shopartdirect Private Limited. Ltd. will be final and binding in this respect.

How do I change my account password?

To change your password, login and choose the My Profile options under your Account name. Here you can change your password by entering your current password and the new password.
My password is not working, how do I Sign- In?

If you are not able to login using your password, try resetting your password.
I have forgotten my password. How do I login to my account?

Click on ‘Login’ link on the top right hand side of the page. This will open a window where you will see a ‘Forgot Password?’ link. Provide your registered email address and we will email you instructions for getting a new password.
I am not able to find the Shopartdirect newsletter or emails in my inbox.

Sometimes, our newsletter may go in the junk or spam box of your email. If you find the newsletters from Shopartdirect in junk/spam box, please mark them as ‘not spam’ and add the sender to your contact. If you are using Gmail, our emails may also be under the Promotions or Updates tab. In such a case, just drag the email to the Primary tab.
How do I unsubscribe from the Shopartdirect newsletters and offers?

If you no longer wish to receive our offers and exclusive deals, we’ll be sad to see you go but you can easily unsubscribe:

Open an email (Newsletter/Promotional offers)
You’ll find an Unsubscribe link at the bottom. Click it

That’s it! You will not receive any newsletter thereafter.

How do I track the progress of an order?

Once your order has been shipped, you will receive an email and an SMS notification with details of the order. You can track the shipment by clicking on the link provided in the email.

You can also track your order by visiting and clicking on theTrack Your Orderlink located in the upper right-hand corner of the website. From there, you can either login, or type in your order information to get tracking.
What is the meaning of the different tracking status flags?

In Transit: Your package is on the way to the destination.

Delivered: Your item has been delivered.

Returned to Origin (RTO): Your item has been returned to the Shopartdirect warehouse.
What happens after the order gets shipped? Does it directly get delivered?

Often items are procured from various vendors across the country and sometimes have to be transported from far-flung parts of your own city or neighbouring areas. In such cases, the item gets shipped from the vendor to our warehouse and then to you. We send regular email updates about the whereabouts of your order to keep you informed of where your item is in the shipping process.
What does it mean when my item has reached my state or city?

If you receive an email telling you that your item has reached your state or city, it is because it was shipped from a distant location and has one more step to go before it reaches you. Before you know it, it will be out to get delivered.
I am unable to track my order after receiving the tracking number (AWB)?

Shopartdirect generates and sends the tracking number (AWB Number) as soon as our courier partners collect the package from the warehouse. However, the courier partners may take between 24 to 48 hours to update the tracking details on their website and hence, your order may not be tracked during this period. If your package was recently shipped, try using the AWB number after 24 hours.
My shipment shows delivered but I have not received the order. What should I do?

All orders delivered by us have a proof of delivery with signatures by the person who has accepted the order. In case you haven’t received your shipment, please check with family members, neighbors, security, the mail room, reception, and anyone else who may have accepted the order on your behalf.
My order has been Returned to Origin (RTO). What does that mean?

Shipments are reflected as RTO (returned to origin) under the following circumstances:

Delivery was attempted more than once but it could not be delivered due to either wrong address or no one being present at the given address
The address could not be found because either it was incomplete or the pin code was wrong
You or someone at your delivery address refused to accept the order

Under these circumstances, our customer support team would try to contact you on your registered phone number. If there is no response on that number or it is not reachable, then the package is returned to origin.
What is the meaning of the different order status?

Ordered Awaiting Confirmation: Sometimes, due to technical issues at the payment gateway or at the bank’s end, your online payment does not reach us immediately. In such a case, your order is shown as ‘pending verification’.

Order Declined – Payment Unsuccessful: The online payment attempted by you did not succeed. You may try with another payment method or a different card again.

Order Confirmed: The payment made by you has gone through and your order is now confirmed. For COD orders, it means that we have accepted your order for processing.

Item Shipped: The product ordered by you has been procured from the merchant, quality check is done and sent across to your address through our logistic partner.

Delivered: You order has been delivered.

Order Refunded: We processed the refund requested by you. The amount will be returned to the payment method used. Usually, it takes 7 to 10 days for the refund to reflect on your card or in your bank account.

How do I schedule an appointment with a Shopartdirect carpenter?

Through IVR: You can chat with us or have our Customer Service team call you by giving a missed call at 022-6157 6157 between 10AM – 7PM to opt for Carpenter Assembly on IVR.
How can I check if an item needs carpentry services?

You can check if an item you are purchasing will need such as assembly service by entering your location’s pincode on the items detail page. Once the pincode is entered, the required information is supplied under Assembly.
Will I be notified regarding carpenter visit?

You will be notified via SMS once the Shopartdirect Carpenter visit is confirmed. You will be contacted before the carpenter visits your place for assembly.
When will I require carpenter assistance?

There are a few items which require assembly. You can check if an item you are purchasing will need such as assembly service by entering your location’s pincode on the items detail page. Once the pincode is entered, the required information is supplied under Assembly. If the item you wish to buy needs to be assembled, then you will require carpenter assistance. Further, for a majority of items that need carpenter assistance Shopartdirect will provide the carpenter; in only a few instances you might need to arrange for a carpenter yourself.
My location is not serviceable by Shopartdirect. Do I need to pay for carpentry services?

If your location is not serviceable by Shopartdirect, then unfortunately we will not be able to arrange for assembly and you would need to arrange a local carpenter from your end.
What do I do if a coupon issued by Shopartdirect is not working?

Your coupon may not be working because of any of the following reasons:

The validity of the coupon may have expired.
The coupon may have already been used.
The coupon may not be applicable on certain deal items and items marked ‘Hot Priced’. These items are already at their best price and hence, further coupons are not applicable on them.
The coupon will not work if the Shopping Cart Value is less than the value required for the coupon to be applicable.
The coupon may be linked with a user account to which it was sent. Login to the correct user account for availing it.

What is ‘Hot Priced item’ and why can’t I apply coupon on a ‘Hot Priced item’?

Hot Priced items’ are products available at the best price on the website. Item under these banner are already being offered at a discounted price. Hence, no further discount will be applicable on products marked as ‘Hot priced items’.
Can I use multiple coupons on the same transaction?

Only one coupon can be used on a single transaction or a cart. You can, however add multiple items to one cart to use one coupon and avail discounts.
How are the taxes calculated while using coupons?

The discounts are not exempted from taxes. So the taxes, applicable on coupon discount paid to the government by us, are charged when you apply a coupon code.
Why is the tax bifurcation not shown at the time of purchase?

The tax is shown on the checkout page when the discount coupon is applied. Tax is only applicable when there is a discount coupon attached.
Why do I need to pay Processing Fees when I purchase some products on Shopartdirect? What do these fees entail?

Shopartdirect works with thousands of merchants across the country, to get the largest variety of products at the best possible price for its customers. Most merchants on Shopartdirect, offer limited period discount coupons to our customers to deliver better value as compared to any other platform. The Processing Fee is basically a fee levied by Shopartdirect to avail/redeem these discount coupons and cashbacks on the website. Needless to say, the fee is just a small percentage of the cashback and overall discount offered to customers by the merchants.
Will Shopartdirect provide assembly at my doorstep for the furniture ordered?

Yes, if an item requires carpenter assistance for assembly, and is your location is a pin code that we currently serve, then we will provide an assembly service. Please enter your delivery pin code on the item detail page to check the same.

If an item can be self-assembled, we provide a kit along with a manual which will help you out.

If an item requires wall mounting, we will not be able to provide carpenter assistance.
Why do I need to pay Assembly Fee when I purchase products on Shopartdirect?

Certain furniture items on the catalogue would require assembly services. We try our best to provide Shopartdirect assembly services across most of our serviceable locations in India, for which we would charge a nominal fee (INR399 per item) to provide the most seamless delivery & assembly experience to our customers.

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